An attempt at photography

  1. New York

  2. Dublin

  3. Donegal

  4. Offaly

  5. Lough Boora Parklands


  6. Galway

  7. Italy

  8. Roscommon

  9. Antrim

  10. Cambridge

  11. Sligo

  12. Zurich

  13. Dublin Zoo

  14. 2012 Senior Club Hurling Offaly Semi Final

    The Semi Final vs Birr was my first time to take sports photos. a mixture of auto and manual, mostly auto. Light and conditions were very good.

  15. 2013 Senior Club Hurling Leinster Semi

    The last day out in Leinster for the KK lads in 2013 as they went down to a Oulart the Ballaght. Very dull day so high ISO was used hence the grain in so many of the photos.

  16. 2013 Senior Club Hurling League Final

    KK played Belmont in the Offaly League Final. It was a bright day so most of the photos are clear enough but I was back a good deal further than normal and in a standing position.

  17. 2013 Senior Club Hurling Offaly Final

    The lads won their second county final, making it two in a row. Beating Birr was always a milestone for KK but doing it in a county final is a particular achievement.

  18. 2013 Senior Club Hurling All Ireland Final

    The big day, KK vs St Thomas of Galway in Croke Park on March 17th. It started as a dull day but decended into torrential rain. The lads gave it their all against a fair few difficult decisions but the day was for St.Thomas.

  19. 2013 Senior Club All Ireland Semi Final

  20. 2012 Senior Club Hurling Leinster Final

    KK vs Oulart the Ballagh. The lads won their first Leinster final on their first attempt. Dull overcast day.

  21. 2012 Senior Club Hurling Leinster Semi Final

    KK vs Rathdowney Errill in Tullamore. The light was very poor and I was in a very dark stand so very few photos came out clear. A lot of haze and blur. A tripod or pole is needed in future in these conditions. Photos taken in mid November.

  22. 2012 Senior Club Hurling Offaly County Final

    Kilcormac Killougheys very first county final win. Great day. The celebrations lasted for the guts of a week.

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